• Travis Richey

The Law of The Lid

The Law of the lid...

Leadership is like a lid or a ceiling on your organization. Your business will not rise beyond the level your leadership allows. That’s why when a corporation or team needs to be fixed, they fire or hire the leader. Leadership is simply about influencing people. Nothing more, nothing less. The true test of a leader is to ask him to create positive change in an organization. If you cannot create positive change, you cannot lead. Many leaders misbelieve that change is simply shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic giving the illusion of a better view or charted course of action. This is not the case. Few leaders can effect positive change in their organization and thus, few organizations have leaders. They are merely self-appointed figureheads with a title. Leaders have a foundation rooted in core values, beliefs, and trust from all their colleagues. Trust is the foundation for all effective leadership. When it comes to leadership, there are no shortcuts. Building trust requires competence, connection and character.

If you want to build a truly strong organization – staff your weaknesses! The best leaders know their weaknesses before anyone else and they staff individuals with those strengths. A great leader will rely upon others for a whole assessment rather than his or her own intuition. If you only attract and staff followers – they will unknowingly follow you off the edge.

Being a leader is not about being first, or being an entrepreneur, or being the most knowledgeable, or being a manager. Being a leader is not just holding a leadership position. It’s not the position that makes a leader, but the leader who makes a position. He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.

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