• Travis Richey

Virtual Intelligence

As micro gyms and studios become a dominant force in the fitness industry we realize that many operators were overwhelmed with the operational tasks on a daily basis. The time and energy spent on lead follow up, past due collections, cancellation process was eating into the passion and profitability of the business. So we created Gym Ops “the best employee you’ll never have” to solve every single touch point and pain point inside your fitness center. While many CRM’s have automation capabilities, they don’t have our virtual intelligence process! This platform is saving owners valuable time and putting revenue back into their bottom line; allowing you to focus on what you do best! Attached is a brief pdf overview and if you have interest in learning more please call 310-882-3849 or message me or email me at Best wishes to everyone! hashtag#gymowners hashtag#fitnesstraining hashtag#virtualization hashtag#revenuegrowth

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